Jane Jacobs Roundup


We've already noted the death of Jane Jacobs, but I thought I'd point to some of the other online commentary about her that has surfaced since she passed away.

In City Journal, Howard Husock considers the ways that "Jacobs was almost universally misunderstood."

At the other end of the spectrum, Robin Philpot explores Jacobs' rarely-remembered writings on separatism and Quebec.

Don Boudreaux reminds us that Jacobs was a lucid foe of mercantilism.

And David Sucher argues, contra some of her obituaries, that "Jacobs has been widely-discussed and praised but her ideas, even the most basic, are only hesitantly being implemented. Her approach is more extolled than followed."

That just scratches the surface. No Land Grab and 2blowhards have posted a ton of interesting links. Dive in and keep clicking.