My last McClellan question still unanswered, Rove roves; Snow falling for Bush?


Now that White House spokesman Scott McClellan has been shown the door, I'm left with a question that has nagged me for years (though never enough to make me bother to find the answer): Was he a descendant of George McClellan, the craptacular Civil War general who did more for the cause of secession than Jefferson Davis, then ran against Honest Abe in the 1864 election?

In other news, Karl Rove will be leaving whatever his vaguely defined policy position is in order to focus on election strategy. And Fox claims its own Tony Snow is in line to replace McClellan as director of obfuscation. As a Tony Snow fan, I have to concede that this is the kind of career move you'd be a fool to turn down, but I still say: Don't do it, Tony. You're too good for that.