Religious Division in the Anti-Islamist Ranks


The NY Sun reviews Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci's newly translated book, The Force of Reason, finds it full of errors, but concludes:

For all these flaws, Ms. Fallaci's book is an important one, because it illuminates a fundamental tension on the Western side of the war against the Islamist terrorists. American supporters of the war are led by a president who believes "freedom is not America's gift to the world, it is the almighty God's gift to every man and woman in this world."

Yet in Europe, one of the most prominent spokeswomen for the war is Ms. Fallaci, who proclaims herself an atheist, insults the patriarch Abraham–"Who wants a Founding Father who is ready to slit his own child's throat for the glory of some God?"–and manages to throw in insults to Mormons and Christian Scientists while she's at it. Not to mention declaring the dogma of Mary's virginity to be the formula of "a stupid brain." One gets the sense at times that Ms. Fallaci's opposition to Islam is just a subset of a broader opposition to all religion.

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LA Weekly, which notes that the bestselling edition of The Force of Reason generated pending trials for the author in France and Italy for defaming Islam, cracks The Fallaci Code here.

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