You Know, There's Regular Mortman, Extra-Strength Mortman, &…


then there's Extreme Mortman, a newish blog from the former Hotline stalwart. Covers politics, esp. DC insider stuff, and is always filled with odd facts and spins. Highly recommended.

A snippet:

Lynn Swann Song

If Lynn Swann becomes Pennsylvania's next governor, he'd reach a rare milestone, becoming only the second African-American to be elected governor (Virginia's Doug Wilder was the first.) But a pro athelete becoming governor? Even rarer still. Lots of pro athletes have won political office (Jack Kemp, Bill Bradley, Steve Largent, Jim Bunning, J.C. Watts, Tom McMillen). But none in the governor's mansion. Not even Olympians turned politician (Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Bob Mathias, Ralph Metcalfe, Jim Ryun.)

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger being an athelete, I'll let the folks with bodies buffer than mine make that case. Like Jesse Ventura.

And scroll down the lefthand side for a quiz that asks, "Take this celebrity babble quiz: Who said this—The bust of Colonel Sanders stands as a monument to cruelty and has no place in the Kentucky state Capitol." The possible babblers? Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Phyllis George, Dolly Parton, and Fabio.

More shtick here.