Will Loves Libs, Other Libs Love Bing


Dave Wolcott notes that George Will puts in a good word for libertarians in his current Newsweek column on censorship of political speech:

So Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a 48-year-old Texan, tried riding to the rescue. Hensarling is a Republican, which means next to nothing nowadays, but also a libertarian, which means he believes, as Republicans once did, in limited government.

I gag at putting in a good word for any baseball elegist or bowtie-wearer, but Will consistently provides a strong critique of campaign finance reform in media that regular people actually pay attention to; he's probably the most prominent figure making this argument in the mainstream media. So godspeed to him. And I'm partial to any article where playboy, dilettante and unregenerate cad Steve Bing gets a featured role. This time, the dabbler in cinema and politics gets to sit in on a high-level Democratic confab because, in the words of the execrable Barbara Boxer, he is "just really interested in making this country better." (Through better policing of deadbeat dads, no doubt.)