When Displays of Analingus—and Nerf Bows and Arrows—Are Outlawed…


Via Baylen Linnekin who is guest-blogging at Nobody's Business, comes the latest from the "only in Kentucky" file. The Fort Mitchell city council has now called for a ban on bows and arrows–even of the Nerf variety, ostensibly–within city limits.

Linnekin notes that when it comes to the repression of good times, the bow ban is only the latest in a string of indignities authored by those citizen legislators in the Bluegrass State:

Besides this affront to their right as Americans to Nerf it up like the Nuge, Fort Mitchell residents already have a long list of things city government says they can't do. According to the American Legal Publishing online library, if you're in Fort Mitchell you shall under no circumstances become "elated" or "exhilarated" by glue, be a minor in public after 11 p.m. (or, for that matter, be a minor playing ski ball without identification), allow "mud, dirt, [or] sticky substances" to track from your vehicle onto city streets, litter on your own property, or watch any display of anilingus. Phew.

Whole link-rich bit here. Linnekin's regular blog, by the way, is the most excellent To the People.