Gillespie on C-SPAN's 25th Anniversary (Oct. 8 Edition)


A week ago last Saturday, I had the distinct honor of appearing on C-SPAN's marathon celebration of its 25th anniversary. Go here for a rundown of other guests.

And go here to hear/see me talk about Phil Donahue's gams, compare William F. Buckley to Phil Rizzuto, and proclaim that my favorite branch of the Kennedy clan are the Dead Kennedys. (Requires RealPlayer. Free download here.)

My favorite email from the appearance:

Mr. Gillespie:

You have the distinction of being the only individual to appear on the C-SPAN call-in anniversary program who looked like he was preparing to wash his car rather than to come before tens of thousands of individuals on an important program. How can someone as intelligent and accomplished as you have no sense of decorum or respect for the audience?