Viva Las Vegas: Reason in Las Vegas, That Is


Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference

Las Vegas

November 4-6, 2005

And introducing Reason After Dark

Join Drew Carey, Christopher Hitchens, Joel Kotkin, Burt Rutan, Nick Gillespie, Bob Poole, Adrian Moore, Jacob Sullum, David Nott and many others for an interactive weekend of ideas and fun.

How do policies based on freedom and choice make a city great? Where are those cities? Who's winning the War on Pleasure? What can Las Vegas teach the liberals and conservatives who fear and loathe it?

Enjoy Director John Stagliano's award-winning Fashionistas dance show, the spectacular Penn & Teller, poker, shopping, great food, cigars, innovative speakers, panel discussions, and more at Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference and Reason After Dark special events.

Also in attendance: the Elvis of Aerospace Burt Rutan, the Jerry Lee Lewis of blogging Matt Welch, and the Carl Perkins of whatever it is he does all day Tim Cavanaugh.

For more details, including the full program, RSVP info, etc, go here.