Staying Cool in Florida


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence recently began handing out fliers at Miami International Airport warning visitors that a new Florida law allows crime victims to stand their ground against attackers instead of fleeing. According to the Brady Campaign, this law means that routine arguments are apt to end in deadly violence, as gun-toting Floridians blow people away for tailgating or bumping into them in nightclubs. (The group seems unfazed by the fact that similar predictions following the passage of Florda's right-to-carry law proved completely unfounded.) "Do not argue unnecessarily with local people," the Brady Campaign flier advises. "If someone appears to be angry with you, maintain to the best of your ability a positive attitude and do not shout or make threatening gestures." In response, Patrick Semmens proposes a flier for distribution at airports serving Washington, D.C., that warns about the dangers posed by the city's gun ban.