Feeling the News


Feel-good story of the day: The Los Angeles Times tells how a semi-literate volunteer in a Brazilian favela organized a 10,000-volume free community library.

Feel-bad story of the day: New York's Columbus Day parade is honoring a bona fide fascist who fought for the Salo Republic.

Feel-a-cop story of the day: The Seattle Times reports:

Lynnwood police concede they engaged in "rarely used" tactics during an undercover investigation into a suspected prostitution ring.

Those tactics, which included officers allowing prostitutes to masturbate them in exchange for cash, have raised questions among law-enforcement officials, legal experts and the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office.

Lynnwood police Cmdr. Paul Watkins said he spent a great deal of time justifying the officers' actions to prosecutors to prove that the officers themselves weren't breaking the law…."The officers didn't cross that line of engaging in intercourse or oral sex," Watkins said. "I advised them no oral sex, no intercourse, that's not going to happen. That's the understood policy. There's no written policy regarding this."