Super-Duper Precedent? Or Just Duper?


Via comedy genius Ben Schwartz comes the quote o' the day from the Roberts hearing. Let's give a round of applause for Arlen "Single Bullet Theory" Specter who reached deep into his surgically altered brain before offering up this koan-like query :

"Would you think that Roe might be a super-duper precedent?" Specter probed, pointing to times it has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

I've got no feelings for John Boy but would have become a mega-fan had he responded with something bizarre like, "If you see the Buddha's fetus on the road, kill it--as long as it's before viability." Or if he had reached into his baseball-metaphor bag one last time and paraphrased Bugs Bunny v. The Gashouse Gorillas and suggested that Roe was a powerful paralyzing perfect pachyderm palooka pitch of a decsion.

Instead the bland man from the Land of Wendell Wilkie replied with the less-than-ebullient (though informative) phrase: "[Roe] is settled as the precedent of the court."

Whole fan-fucking-tastic account here.