Maybe It Was Self Defense Against an Angry Glare?


Yesterday, Matt Welch reported on news that Jean Charles de Menezes, the young Brazillian shot by British police last month, had not (contra initial claims) fled police, worn a bulky jacket, or jumped a ticket barrier in the Underground. Now, commenter Phil points to this story, which if accurate is pretty damning:

But the revelation that will prove most uncomfortable for Scotland Yard was that the 27-year-old electrician had already been restrained by a surveillance officer before being shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.

The documents reveal that a member of the surveillance team, who sat nearby, grabbed Mr de Menezes before he was shot: "I heard shouting which included the word 'police' and turned to face the male in the denim jacket.

"He immediately stood up and advanced towards me and the CO19 [firearms squad] officers … I grabbed the male in the denim jacket by wrapping both my arms around his torso, pinning his arms to his side. I then pushed him back on to the seat where he had been previously sitting … I then heard a gun shot very close to my left ear and was dragged away on to the floor of the carriage."