"These people have lost touch with reality"


"These people" would be the rule-makers at the NCAA who have found a way to thwart charitable efforts to bring a man working in Baghdad home to watch his son play football. Dan Miller is a retired police lieutenant now doing a stint training Iraqi police officers. His son, Tad, plays for the Boise State Broncos. It would cost $2,700 to fly Dan from Iraq to see Boise St. start the season against Georgia. Fans heard about the situation and started an online pledge drive to make it happen.

Not just fans, Georgia fans. The game is in Athens and they want to help Dan get there to cheer for his son and against their beloved Dawgs. Obviously, the NCAA concludes, by raising money to benefit a Boise St. Bronco player, these UGa fans morph into Boise St. boosters, and hence, are banned from making any kind of special contribution to an athlete.

The Miller family thinks Dan's company will cover his travel costs to the game regardless and suggests that Dawg fans take any money they collect and use it to send underprivileged kids to the game. As for what to do with, or to, the NCAA, the floor is open.