Clean Up After Your GlobalWarmingMobile


For those worried about the carbon dioxide emitted by their global warming machines (aka automobiles), Terrapass offers guilt free driving. Terrapass will sell you a nifty sticker for your windshield telling the world that you have paid to abate or absorb the amount of CO2 your car produces annually. To achieve this, Terrapass invests the fees in technologies that lower CO2 emissions.

Dreamed up by Wharton business school students and professors, the cost of salving your conscience is fairly reasonable. Terrapass lets you calculate just how much your car emits and then charges a commensurate fee for your sticker. For example, if you drive a 2005 Honda Insight 12,000 miles, Terrapass calculates that you would emit 4,148 pounds and pay just $29.95 for your sticker. However, driving a 2004 Hummer 12,000 miles would produce 18,058 pounds of CO2 and would cost you $79.95 for the sticker.