They're Just Trying to Do This Jigsaw Puzzle


The World's Greatest Senior Citizen Rock n Roll Band has a new song out trashing the American president:

The track, "Sweet Neo Con," boasts the line, "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot, well I think you're full of s[hit]," according to [Newsweek].

"It is direct," singer Mick Jagger was quoted as saying, adding that his collaborator, Keith Richards, was "a bit worried" about a backlash because the guitarist lives in the United States and Jagger does not.

"Sweet Neo Con" is one of 16 tracks featured on the Stones' new album, "A Bigger Bang," which comes out in the United States on Sept. 6

Here's hoping this rare Glimmer Twin foray into politics fares a bit better than the Gulf War stinker "Highwire," or the recent Steve Earle embarrassment "Condi, Condi." Though it's instructive to note that the Stones' best songs about politics—"Street Fightin' Man," "Sympathy for the Devil," and "Salt of the Earth" (all of which come off the 1968 stunner Beggar's Banquet) are a bit suspicious about the whole political-commentary thing in the first place.

Whole Newsweek profile here.