When Outdoor Beer Pong Is Illegal…


…only indoor beer pong will be legal.

Reader Greg Fagan sends along news that all that talk about getting the kids out of the house and into the fresh air outdoors is for naught. Belmar, New Jersey, one of the quintessential beach towns in the greatest state in the Union, has panned outdoor beer pong. Reports the AP (via the Philly Inq):

The ordinance…prohibits such games on porches, decks, lawns, front and side yards, or anywhere that the public and neighbors can see. Fines begin at $100 for a first offense.

The so-called "beer pong" regulation takes its name from a game in which players try throwing or bouncing Ping-Pong balls into cups of beer to trigger rounds of drinking. Quarters is a similar game using coins….

Belmar's population, which is 6,000 year-round, can surge to 70,000 on a hot summer weekend, Plummer said.

Some summer renters, such as Michael Todd, said the borough was trying to drive out young people, who give the area an economic boost. Todd, 27, filed a complaint against a police officer who issued him a summons for playing Wiffle ball, the Asbury Park Press reported yesterday.

"I didn't know Belmar all of [a] sudden turned into a big dictatorship borough," Todd said.

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