Authoritarian TV Guide


Singapore's Programmes Advsiory Committee has compiled its annual report on the state of English-language Singaporean broadcasting. While lavishing praise on CSI and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the regulators call on Singapore's monopoly broadcaster to start producing "witty and intelligent sitcoms with a higher level sense of humour." Locally produced Phua Chu Kang is slammed for subjecting Singaporeans to "substandard storylines as well as low brow, slapstick humour." My Sassy Neighbour is found wanting because actors speak "Singlish" rather than "standard Singaporean English," which may "give the wrong impression." There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of sex and/or violence spicing up Singaporean airwaves, but the committee does find room to complain that "an episode of Extreme Gourmet had a close up shot of a severed rabbit's head on a plate."

Phua Chu Kang site, in Singlish, here.

Singapore's Media Development Association FAQ, with definitive answer to the question "Why must there be censorship?" here.

Hat Tip: Index on Censorship.