How to Serve The People: With a Side of Hot PLA Sex


It's a little harder to get your work banned in China these days, but bestselling author Yan Lianke has managed to provoke the censors with some sex-charged subversion. Asia Times reports on the first fiction to be banned in China for years:

Serve the People, which was penned by a former colonel in the army, undermines the very core of Hu's mantra. It paints a debauched image of the Chinese PLA where the lofty Communist Party goal of "serving the masses" is carried out through sex and gaining military honors achieved by performing sexual favors for the bored and lonely wives of the upper echelons….A wooden sign in the kitchen reading "serve the people" becomes a coded signal for Wu that his services are required in the bedroom.

Last year, Yan won a goverment-sponsored award for a novel in which a group of disabled villagers go on tour and perform freak stunts to raise money to buy Lenin's remains.