Chuck Freund has blogged a bit below about how some 400 arrests made by the New York Police Department at last year's GOP convention have fallen apart in light of "distributed surveillance." Check that out here.

Over at Nobody's Business, Rogier van Bakel provides a close reading of some of faked testimony that's worth checking out:

No doubt, most men and women in uniform serve with honor. And then there are little Mengeles like Charles Graner and Lynndie England, of Abu Ghraib fame, and disgusting perjurers like Matthew Wohl, a New York cop who fabricated charges against political protesters for the satisfaction of hauling them off to jail….

Thanks to such "mistakes," lots of people who were exercising their First Amendment rights would have ended up with a felony record if it hadn't been for the videotapes shot and collected by volunteers.

I wonder how the higher-ups will deal with police officers who took a dump on their oath by committing malicious perjury, and with the people in the DA's office who were only to happy to accept and expand on those lies.

Mayor Bloomberg should show evidence of a spine, and begin handing out the pink slips.

Whole thing here.