Ooo, Ooo That Smell…


First, they came for the people with paper money that smelled of pot, and I did nothing, because I was too stoned…


Timothy Richards of Columbus, Ind., went to the Decatur County Sheriff's Department to pay the $400 to get his brother-in-law out of jail.

A dispatcher noticed that the cash smelled funny and asked a state trooper to investigate. Authorities say Richards allowed the trooper to search his car and was arrested when the trooper found some marijuana and a pipe.

Police didn't confiscate the cash, so Richard's brother-inilaw got out of jail. He returned a few hours later with $250 to get Richards out.

Whole thing here.

Davey & Goliath-style moral: Next time, use a debit card (or at least that one hasn't been used to draw lines of coke or, this being Indiana, meth).

[Tip o' the spliff to Mighty Marty Conte]