Regulated Signage


The Rhode Island state Senate unanimously approved a bill that would hit pro athletes and other celebs with a $100 fine if they charged anyone under 16 for an autograph. Sen. Roger Badeau came up with this master stroke after some Boston Red Sox came to Providence and charged almost $200 per autograph.

But, hey, ballplayers, pro and otherwise, as well as celebs with dubious staying powers all know that at least some of those mewing brats with Sharpies at the ready will hand the 'graph off to mom or dad so they can try to recoup their investment, and maybe more, on eBay.

Then there is the fact that the no one ever said mindless idol worship would be cheap or easy. Better to learn that lesson early. Everything has a price when grown-ups play sports, especially loyalty.

How 'bout a $1000 fine for being a pathetic, groveling Sawx fan?

Gee, Thanks Mister.