If It's Friday, It Must Be Time For…


a pitch to buy Choice: The Best of Reason, the new anthology that pulls together the highlights of the past decade of the magazine of "free minds and free markets."

Sez Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: "Reason is less predictable and more interesting than any other political magazine I read."

Sez Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson: "Reason is a constant reminder of the value of independent thought in fast-changing times. Choice brings the best of it together to mess with your ahead again, or for the first time. Either way, you'll think different."

Sez Court TV's Catherine Crier: "For years, Reason has been my most anticipated monthly read. An antidote to partisan preaching and political correctness, Choice: the Best of Reason is a must read for all rational thinkers who seek an honest take on the issues of our time."

For more praise, info, contents, and excerpts, go here. Right now, you can get a paperback copy of the book for under $11–or a one-year subscription to Reason plus a copy of Choice for under $30. (That offer is open to current subscribers.)