Licorice Gets a Mention, But Not Julia


My favorite part of the convention was the soggy hamster story. Admittedly, I did not watch any of the live coverage until last night, when my father-in-law wanted to see Kerry's speech. I thought the role of Kerry's daughters was to introduce him, but it turned out they introduced the first film, which was followed by another film and many more introductions.

The Democrats evidently have never heard the expression, "Less is more." After a while, I expected Licorice himself to pop up on stage, but perhaps Kerry's campaign was afraid he would do something embarrassing, since he "was never quite right" after the near-drowning. Just when I thought I could stand the introductions no more, Kerry came on stage, and I started yearning for another cute story or another adulatory film.

Speaking of the films, I did not notice any mention in Kerry's biography of his first wife; the film made it seem as if he had given birth to his daughters all by himself. I guess the Democrats would like the public to assume Alexandra and Vanessa's mother is dead rather than divorced. Very classy.