Mostly Amateur Hour at the DNC


Blogging almost in real time, mostly watching the CSPAN feed:

Is this thing in a tailspin or what? Willie Nelson--a true Hero of Freedom--gave the DNC its best moment a while back with a musical performance that actually got the crowd moving (and without inducing a bunch of stupid dancing).

Then Madeleine Albright harshed Willie's buzz with a generally incoherent speech that simultaneously promised that John and John would never get us into war but that they would really kick ass when they did. And by the way Madame, exactly why was the US supposed to do something in the Balkans but not in Iraq?

Then there was a series of "regular people" endorsing Kerry and mostly flubbing their lines like they were in a high school pageant.

Then Carole King--whose last big gig was crooning for Castro (Fidel Castro)--sang "You've Got a Friend."

Then the Heinz Kerry kids did a Brady Bunch moment on stage (all that was missing was Ann B. Davis in the middle of the screen) and now Vanessa Kerry is giving a semi-pornographic, incestuous talk about how damn tall her dad is--she keeps mentioning he's six-foot-four and she knows every inch of him…

The Dems are clearly trying to steal a page from the Gore girl intro of Daddy Dearest four years ago. As if that worked…

And now Alex Kerry is telling us we are, like perennial Lou Gehrigs, that we are luckiest people on the face of the Earth…

Roll film: