Packing Heat in VA


Okay, this is just cool. In Virginia, you can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. But if you want to carry the gun openly, you don't even need a permit. Recently, some Virginia residents have started doing just that.

Turns out, packing a pistol in public is perfectly legal in Virginia. And three times in the last month, including at Champps on Sunset Hills Road, residents have been spotted out and about in the county, with guns strapped to their hips, exercising that right.

In the first episode, at a Starbucks, Fairfax police wrongly confiscated weapons from two college students and charged them with a misdemeanor. Police realized their mistake, returned the guns and tore up the charges the next day. Police commanders have since issued a reminder to officers that "open carry" is the law of the land in the Old Dominion.

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