The Other Marriage Problem


According to a new study at Rutgers, 53% of men age 25-34 don't want to get married anytime soon, and 22% say they don't ever want to get married at all. Why? (Hint: It's not because of gay people.)

-- ?Some men express resentment towards a legal system that grants women the unilateral right to decide to terminate a pregnancy?There is also a mistrust of women who may ?trap? men into fathering a child by claiming to be sterilized, infertile or on the pill.?

-- "Many men also fear the financial consequences of divorce?They fear that an ex-wife will 'take you for all you've got' and that 'men have more to lose financially than women' from a divorce."


Men have other reasons to resist the romantic urge. Domestic violence laws allow vindictive women to kick hubby out of the house based on the flimsiest of pretexts. And if divorce were to result, he would likely lose custody of his own flesh and blood.

A summary article is here, or you can go look at the whole study. Thanks to Donald Sensing for pointing this one out.