The 4000 Errors of Doctor Who


Missed the new Fall catalog from America's most unpredictable publisher? Too bad, because McFarland, a North Carolina house that aims its list at libraries, consistently turns out page after page of bizarre surprises.

The new list includes The Doctor Who Error Finder, which offers 4000 "transmitted bloopers"; Hick Flicks: The Rise and Fall of Redneck Cinema, which is a "comprehensive study of the hixploitation genre"; The Fountainheads: Wright, Rand, the FBI and Hollywood, which addresses, among other things, "the effect FBI harassment had on the movie." There's also a study of Forbidden Animation, of The Gay Detective Novel, of The Vampire as Numinous Experience, of Booze and the Private Eye, and plenty more.

My favorite entry is an 848-page work called Show Me the Money! The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, State and Advertising Prop Money. That's right: prop money.