30 Years Ago in Reason


"Consider the effects of a right to reply law. A newspaper…could surrender its editorial prerogatives and allow politicians and bureaucrats free access to its pages….Or, it could simply refuse to cover controversial public figures."

— Robert Poole Jr., "No 'Right' to Reply"

"In almost every study of social affairs, scholars seek after 'the causes' of behavior—but in terms of their metaphysical viewpoint, they must exclude people themselves."

— Tibor Machan, "Science, Skinner, and Human Affairs"

"Businessmen are both victims and victimizers, legitimate recipients of praise—for where would we be economically without such people—and yet…legitimate recipients of scorn…for where would we be if some had not willingly participated in…corporate socialism?"

— D.T. Armentano, "Petroleum, Politics, & Prices"

" [Paul Goodman's] political philosophy has always been fusionist—uniting much of what is best in conservatism and anarchism….He devised no rigid ideology, but blended the various tendencies of his thinking into a social wisdom that was both innovative and traditional."

— Ian Young, "Paul Goodman: American Anarchist"