Do I Look Fat in These Really Relaxed-Fit Jeans?


According to a new poll, "In an overweight nation, just 12 percent say they are currently on diets."

The AP poll found that six in 10 who qualify as overweight under government standards say they are at a healthy weight. Only one-quarter of those who are obese consider themselves very overweight, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs.

Somehow, this seems in keeping with the 90 percent of Americans who routinely consider themselves "middle class."

There's some tough nuts for the John Banzhafs of the world in the poll, who are threatening to sue food producers for turning us into tubs of lard: "More than three-quarters said individuals bear responsibility for themselves, while 9 percent pointed to family and 8 percent blamed fast-food restaurants." Such attitudes mean it will be awhile before juries start indicting Ronald McDonald and crew for crimes against humanity.

Whole poll story here.

And while we're considering the topic, it may be time to realize that the red vs. blue state dichotomy is no longer a useful of talking about America (if it ever was). This story and this one suggest the third rail of American politics is rapidly becoming carb consumption.