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The Dark Side of Harry Potter

Written by: Natalia Olenicoff

The Prisoner of Azkaban reveals darker troubles for Potter

The latest Harry Potter film, set to hit the big screen on June 4th, is said to have a refreshingly different feel to it than the first two films. Critics have commended the new film for delving into the darker side of the young wizard?s story. Unlike the first two films, which entertained the audience with fantastical Disney-looking sets and characters, The Prisoner of Azkaban is set predominantly in a dark, rainy world, where Potter seeks out his parents? alleged murderer who has escaped from the prison. In this film, Potter?s character exhibits more of his inner turmoil over his parents? death and his predestined role in wizardry.

Fans of the first two films should not be disappointed by the series? darker third installment, though. Director Alfonso Cuaron whipped up another extraordinary adventure film with enough magic to make even the most committed realist wish for a magic wand.

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