Putting the 'Liberal Media' in 'Liberal Media'


So, a big new Pew study [PDF] shows that, unlike the general population, which self-describes as liberal/moderate/conservative at a rate of 20/41/33, the national press self-identifies at 34/54/7, representing a significant recent increase in media liberalization (as it were) ? and what is the headline of the report? "Press Going Too Easy on Bush." Lots of interesting data in the report, by the way, and an interesting theory in the accompanying essay:

The survey includes just four questions probing journalists' political attitudes, yet the answers to these questions suggest journalists have in mind something other than a classic big government liberalism and something more along the lines of libertarianism. More journalists said they think it is more important for people to be free to pursue their goals without government interference than it is for government to ensure that no one is in need.