Canadian Crack


First the U.S. governent busts on Canadian lumber--too cheap, they say, too subsidized; how can our lumberjacks compete?

Now, our feds are taking aim at a new threat to America from the Great White North. (No, not the revival of William Shatner Priceline ads.)

Drug czar John Walters (and yes, we're all awaiting the appointment of a drug czarina one day) is all hopped up on what he's calling the "crack of marijuana":

"Canada is exporting to us the crack of marijuana and it is a dangerous problem," Walters told reporters in Miami, where he kicked off a campaign to cut marijuana use by Hispanic youths.

"We need to have political leadership in Canada that recognizes the problem," he said. "Addiction is going to spread in Canada dramatically. It has in many places."

The good shit is mostly being grown indoors by Canucks, says Walters, and contains 20 percent to 30 percent THC, as opposed to the old-fashioned, natural "hippie" doobage cultivated back in the day when the Guess Who was topping U.S. charts by railing against American women, war machines, and ghetto scenes. Read the whole thing here.

One awaits the inevitable report of Walters, speaking to a group of Canadian-American youths in Portland, Maine, and bitching about the new, super-duper "marijuana of crack" being smuggled in across our Southern border.

[Thanks to reader Mark Young for the score]