What Would You Ask Bush?


Editor & Publisher's John Dobbe, in high dudgeon, provides "help for the starstruck media" in the form of 13 suggested questions that reporters will presumably be too frightened to ask at tonight's rare presidential press conference. My favorite two presumptive doozies:

Given that finding no WMDs in Iraq represents an intelligence failure of the greatest magnitude, why was no one dismissed? [?]

Do think it was wise for the U.S. commander in Iraq to vow on Monday to "kill or capture" Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr, since the shutting down of the newspaper that supports him precipitated the recent uprising in Iraq?

I might ask the prez if he still considers Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar a better "friend" to the United States than the president of France, but I guess we all have our hang-ups. Other suggestions? (Link via Romenesko)