Anemic Royalty


It was 10 years ago today (give or take) that Kurt Cobain was murdered--I mean, took a lethal dose of junk and blew his head off. Probably, most of you have moved on. But for those of us who haven't, here's a pretty good October 1991 Seattle Times interview with the Negative Creep, focusing (surprisingly enough) on his actual songcraft. Excerpt:

Do you consider it punk?

"I consider it pop music ? another style of pop music, just more abrasive. It's still typical repetitive structure. It has a guitar solo in the middle, and I usually repeat lyrics over and over again to where I consider it catchy enough to be considered pop music." [?]

I noted how good I thought the single was. "Are you ready for a hit single?" I asked.

He laughed and said, "That's not gonna happen."