RIAA Backlash


Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) has launched an inquiry into the RIAA's "excessive" crackdown on file-traders. Coleman may not be an entirely disinterested party here: BoingBoing links to an interview in which the senator cops to having downloaded a few Bob Dylan MP3s in his day.

Meanwhile, there's a grassroots backlash underway as well. The newest version of Kazaa Lite includes an option to block RIAA IP addresses from seeing your shared list. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a page with tips on how not to get sued, including a search tool to see if your user info has been subpoenaed. And a site called RIAA Radar facilitates RIAA boycotts by allowing you to see whether that album you've been thinking about buying is put out by a RIAA affiliate. I guess I'll be holding off on picking up the most recent Phantom Planet album, but I'm gratified to see that the New Pornographers disc I just picked up is listed as "RIAA Safe."