The Hutchinson School Board Can Funzwump My Lubbisnut


The Associated Press reports that "A 102-year-old Hutchinson High School chant made up of apparent nonsense words was yanked after the school board deemed it potentially offensive."

Nonsense words? Offensive? "Superintendent Wynona Winn said that at least one phrase—'hoe potatoer'—could be considered offensive….In a book about slave songs, she found terms from the chant: 'chicka,' 'rat trap,' 'bulligator' and a reference to slaves hoeing potatoes."

Not explained was why terms from slave songs should be considered objectionable in the first place. Then again, if an expert in archaic American expressions happened to be attending a Hutchinson game, I suppose you wouldn't want him to take things the wrong way.

[Via Fetus-X.]