Haitians In the Klink


Insert altar boy joke here, but I say good on Miami Archbishop John C. Favalora, who denounces INS policy toward Haitian refugees as "indefensible and inequitable." In another post-9/11 crackdown (I'm racking my brain to recall how many of the 19 hijackers were Haitians), undocumented immigrants from the hemisphere's basket case are now locked up in federal detention centers. More than 200 Haitians whose boat was shipwrecked last fall have been locked up ever since. The Miami INS office is also evicting the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center from a booth at one center. If detaining all undocumented immigrants were general policy this might be understandable (though I don't see how Haitians don't have the best case for automatic refugee status of anybody in the Americas), but this is another case of the INS getting tough whenever it's easy to get tough (such as when immigrants voluntarily come in to be arrested).