"Thought only works if it is unplugged"


That, hilariously, is the concluding line of a proudly Luddite piece from the American Conservative. Oddly, it's available online.

Writes the director of the Center for Cultural Conservatism of the Free Congress Foundation, William S. Lind:

"The image is substituting itself for the Word, the Logos. The West spent three thousand years struggling to substitute the Word for the image. The war of the Word against the image is perhaps the most basic theme of the Old Testament. Thousands of Christians gave their lives in that fight. Now, thanks to the video screen, history is running backwards because on video screens images are far more powerful than words. Not surprisingly, paganism is on the rise, beyond and within the Church."

One might have thought such an olde-tyme conservative would have railed against print culture, which destroyed memory and was but an halfway house to the current hellish situation of not just video, but video on demand. In any case, Lind seems to be one more con who would vote for a flag-burning amendment.