Sally Field Has Got Nuthin' On Us


You like us! You really like us!

Hit & Run turns one week old today and I wanted to thank all the readers, bloggers, and newsmakers for making our debut week a record-setting event. For the week of December 8-14, we pulled 428,000 document views and 163,800 visits to the Reason Online site.

At the risk of offending those not mentioned, special thanks go to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, who hectored us about starting a blog back when Trent Lott was a national joke due to simple incompetency rather than his segregationist daydreams; former Reason Editor Virginia Postrel at The Scene, for showing us how to do things for a decade-plus; and Mickey Kaus at Kausfiles, who definitively proved that anyone can blog, even people who drink non-alcoholic beer.

And these folks, too, who gave us early plugs, hugs, or shrugs: , Best of the Web, Eric Alterman, Samizdata, RealClearPolitics, Freedom News, The Volokh Conspiracy, L.A.Examiner, Chris Mooney, Ken Layne, Unqualified Offerings, Liberty First, Right Wing News,, EducationWeak, Knowledge Problem, Tim Blair. And, lest we forget, the homeboyz and girlz over at the The Corner, who are keepin' it realer than a Snoop Dogg video.