Slaking Your Anti-American Thirst


Hate the U.S.? Live in Europe? Then you'll love Mecca Cola! "Don't Drink Like an Idiot," says the tag line. "Drink with Commitment!" Cola-swigging as a political act began in Iran, with a drink called Zam Zam. The French-Tunisian entrepeneur behind this brand, Tawfiq Mathlouthi, promises to give 10 cents of every euro to Palestinian charities. Established in October, the company says it has orders for two million bottles. One Mecca drinker says he's made the switch from Coke because the American drink represents "all the things that are most diabolical in history." Mecca Cola's appearance raises a number of issues. Among them, does the knowing vulgarization of Islam's holiest city—from within the concerned community—mean I can crank the volume back up on my Gene Pitney CDs?