• firstSpeaker's OfficeSpeaker John Boehner signed up for Obamacare; he’ll see his monthly premium double even with a federal contribution. A special election for a vacant House seat in Florida could provide an example of how voters will react to Obamacare.
  • All US troops could be leaving Afghanistan next year after all, as the Afghan president is declining to sign a security agreement that would keep some of them there after the planned combat troop withdrawal in 2014.
  • A group of bipartisan senators is drafting legislation on new sanctions against Iran, just in case.
  • An actress from Texas accused of sending ricin to President Obama and other public figures in an attempt to frame her husband will take a plea deal from prosecutors.
  • The commander of the Free Syrian Army says the rebel group will not join January peace talks in Geneva. He wants weapons for his fighters instead.
  • Anti-government protesters in Bangkok have seized portions of several state buildings in month-long demonstrations against Thailand’s prime minister.
  • A UN deputy secretary general warned that the Central African Republic is descending into "complete chaos." France will send 1,000 troops for a planned UN mission in the country.
  • Bitcoin Black Friday is a thing this year.

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