• This little birdie went to market ...Credit: eldh / Foter / CC BYThe House will meet Saturday to work on shutdown negotiations, but both sides are sticking to their guns. Republicans want piecemeal spending resolutions while Democrats want it all passed. President Barack Obama has disavowed an anonymous quote given to the Wall Street Journal that the White House was “winning” the shutdown fight.
  • A cyberbullying law in Maryland has resulted in Facebook creating a program that allows school officials to call them to order students’ posts taken down for using “questionable” language. This totally won’t be abused by schools at all to quash student criticism, am I right?
  • The governor of Pennsylvania compared same-sex marriage recognition to allowing brothers and sisters to get married, which is totally a new and fresh argument gay people haven’t been hearing for decades.
  • Twitter hopes to raise $1 billion from its initial public offering. That’s dollars, not retweets.
  • Eat shit and live! Pills made from poop can help fight certain dangerous intestinal infections. I look forward to the name they give this medication, though I bet television commercials will disappoint.
  • South Carolina and Alabama have ended their practices of segregating prison inmates with HIV. They were the last states that were still doing so.

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