• Nex time, something by Roald Dahl, senator?C-SpanSen. Ted Cruz’s unofficial anti-Obamacare filibuster ended at noon today. The marathon discussion lasted more than 21 hours.
  • Gen. Keith Alexander blames the anger by Americans (and the rest of the world) on the National Security Agency’s surveillance methods on leaks and “sensationalized” reporting. Well, that’s a rude way to describe those FISA court statements detailing their Fourth Amendment violations.
  • President Barack Obama’s job approval is plunging among Democrats, dropping 13 percentage points since the start of the year. But it’s still pretty high at 78 percent.
  • The U.S. Treasury Department has determined Oct. 17 will be the day we run out of money to pay the bills.
  • In Massachusetts, 158 proposed medical marijuana dispensaries have passed the first round of the licensing process. Eventually the number will be winnowed down to 35.
  • It’s a done deal: Calif. Gov . Jerry Brown has signed the bill that would eventually increase the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour.
  • Those who may end up losing their jobs over the previous item may be nonplussed to discover that a computer glitch has cut off 800,000 Californians from their unemployment benefits.

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