• Can Americans even be trusted with so many choices?Credit: Stephanie Booth / Foter / CC BY-NC-SADiplomats are warning Syrian rebels that if they don’t buck up about Western countries declining to forcibly remove President Bashar Assad on their behalf, they may end up losing support. In the meantime, Syria has begun submitting info about its chemical weapons to a watchdog organization.
  • A report that just came out declaring that Americans are throwing away tons of perfectly good food because of how manufacturers define sell-by dates is actually a call for federal regulation of food labeling. Apparently neither manufacturers nor consumers can be trusted to decide when milk has gone bad.
  • The iPhone 5s hits the stores today, and you’re already waiting in line, have waited in line, or will not be waiting in line under any circumstances.
  • President Barack Obama is willing to meet with the president of Iran at the United Nations next week to discuss its nuclear program.
  • A reporter in Joliet, Ill., is facing jail time for refusing to reveal who leaked him confidential information about a double homicide. A judge has given him 180 days to comply.
  • The EPA has unveiled its plan to force coal plants to reduce carbon emissions, which will require them to purchase expensive, cutting-edge equipment. Well, it must be great to be the manufacturer of such equipment!

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