• Aaron AlexisSource: Kristi Kinard SuthamtewakulThe Washington Navy Yard and surrounding streets have re-opened following Aaron Alexis’ deadly (and still unexplained) rampage. Despite his problematic work history and arrests, Alexis did get an honorable discharge from the Navy.
  • Newtown gun control activists are returning to Washington, D.C., to lobby Congress again. The timing is purely a coincidence (no sarcasm — it really is).
  • The ACLU is pushing the FBI to declassify secret legal opinions justifying its various surveillance methods in order to determine whether they’re in compliance with the Fourth Amendment. (Smart money is on “no” – both the FBI’s response and the compliance.)
  • Russia is refuting the allegedly “irrefutable” reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad played a direct role in chemical weapons attacks in his country and want an independent investigation.
  • In an interview with the BBC, Professor Stephen Hawking declared his support for assisted suicide, logically pointing out that we don’t allow animals to suffer the way we expect humans to suffer before they die.
  • The porn industry in Los Angeles has lifted its moratorium on shooting adult films in the wake of a couple of HIV infections among actors, but they’re mandating new tests every 14 days now instead of every 28 days.

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