• Certianly being heckled by Arizona voters over Syrian warmongering did not play a role.Credit:Medill DC / Foter / CC BYThe Taliban attacked a U.S. consulate in Afghanistan and were fended off. Two Afghan police and a security guard were killed.
  • Sen. John McCain is hinting around that this may be his last term in the Senate. He wouldn’t want to overstay his welcome,  you know.
  • Syrian rebels claim there has been another chemical weapons attack in the suburb of Jobar in Damascus.
  • The Senate is pushing forward with a media shield law that still attempts to define who a "real journalist" is. Under the legislation, bloggers who report news will be covered, but sites like Wikileaks will not. The legal challenges to such legislation will certainly be interesting.
  • Michael Bloomberg is declining to formally endorse any candidate to succeed him as mayor of New York City. That probably comes as a relief to the candidates.
  • Thanks to the anti-vaccination folks, America is on its way to its worst measles outbreak in almost 20 years.

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