• And that's the last we'll hear from him.MugshotTo make a long, horrifying story short, Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro has been sentenced to infinite prison.
  • The National Security Agency has admitted it is, indeed, scooping up phone records of millions of Americans. But that power could never, ever be abused!
  • Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation that makes Illinois the 20th state to permit medical marijuana.
  • The White House and some lawmakers are upset that Russia has granted Edward Snowden temporary asylum. Probably extremely embarrassed, too.
  • Murders in Mexico are down for the first time in six years, though some areas are still seeing major increases in violence.
  • We all know that small town police stations are snapping up excess military equipment they really shouldn't be using. But it apparently extends to things that police have absolutely no use for, like bowling pins and French horns.

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