Publishers Weekly has some kind words for my upcoming book The United States of Paranoia:

"Excuse me, Mr. President. I believe you dropped your gun."he puts his journalistic and investigative skills to work in a superb analysis of American paranoia; fear of others and ourselves, he argues, has been a part of our national make-up since the country's very inception....Walker's means of attack are ingenious, and they allow him to make his points succinctly, often using popular films, like Rambo, to illustrate his points and add weight to his arguments. It all adds up to a terrific, measured, objective study of one of American culture's most loaded topics.

To read the whole review, go here. To read an interview about the book, go here. To preorder the book, go here. To complain about all these sales pitches and roll your eyes in anticipation of the self-promotion to come, go here.