• coming soon to camarillo?@sausagelinks/foter.comThe Pentagon will be reducing the amount of furloughing scheduled for employees after the Congress  passed a spending bill that provided the Defense Department with more funds.
  • Rand Paul is trying to reach out to both supporters of his father, Ron, as well as establishment Republicans.
  • Camarillo, a small town west of Los Angeles, has been inundated with requests to film pornos there since LA started requiring condom use on the set. The Camarillo City Council passed a 45 day moratorium on approving any more adult film requests so that it could study potential effects.
  • A TSA agent at JFK airport accidentally sprayed himself and five coworkers with pepper spray.
  • Joe Biden is on his third vacation this year, going golfing in South Carolina for the Easter weekend.
  • Cyprus is not leaving the euro, the island nation’s president insists.
  • Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot by the Taliban for her activism, has landed a book deal.

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