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  • The Defense Department is worried about drone pilots getting post-traumatic stress disorder, which may occur at the same rates as for pilots in the theater of war.
  • A police officer and a deputy sheriff in DeKalb County, Georgia have been indicted for providing protection to drug dealers. Police officers in Los Angeles, meanwhile, are accused of selling guns out of their armory.
  •  “Why are you lobbying yourself?” is something you could ask the government of Michigan.
  • Pro-gun control “volunteers” are reportedly being paid an hourly wage to “volunteer” in Chicago.
  • Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind doesn’t understand why he’s being criticized for appearing in blackface.
  • Glenn Beck is campaigning to get back on cable; he’s trying to get his network, The Blaze, picked up by cable and satellite providers.
  • Mozilla is introducing a new cookie policy for Firefox that’ll prevent websites you don’t visit from tracking you.

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